Professional Wheel Cleaning Foam

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  • It is Super Mega Concentrate packed in 16 Fl Oz (473 ml) bottle.
  • It can make upto 4 gallons (appx 15 Ltr) of ready to use wheel cleaner by adding water.
  • Versatile – Use it in Foam Cannon, Pump up foamer or Foaming Sprayer
  • Non Acid formula. NO caustic fumes.
  • Safest Wheel Cleaner for all finishes and brake system as it does not corrode the brake calipers
  • The only wheel cleaner Manufactured in ISO 9001:2015 certified facility

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Auto Fanatic Professional Wheel Cleaning Foam is a revolutionary wheel & tyre cleaning solution for factory OEM & aftermarket Wheels, This is safe and effective formula works on all finishes including paint, clear coat, chrome, anodized and billet aluminium.

It does not contain cheap caustic components or colour changing iron activating ingredients that are harmful to your wheels, braking components and your health too. Once you try the Auto Fanatic Professional Wheel Cleaning Foam you will never go back to using harsh acid and foul smelling cleaners currently on the market.

It is a GAME CHANGER. developed by an acclaimed automotive engineer with a team of world class industrial chemists. Our formula is crafted for Fanatic car enthusiasts and professional users who care about their cars and their health.

Exclusively manufactured using the finest raw material supplies in an ISO 9001:2015 facility. 16 Oz (473 ml) Super Mega Concentrate bottle makes ready to use almost 4 gallons (15 Ltr appx) of wheel cleaner. NOT TO BE USED UNDILUTED.

Easy no scrub formula on maintained wheels. Our proprietary formula reactivates brake dust and pulls dirt and grime from the surface of the wheels and tires, braking up tough deposits with little to no agitation. Watch as it works the foam taking brake dust and grime away.

Our multi stage corrosion inhibitors additives prevent issues with your brake system and suspension components. The high lubricity of our dual stage foam tackles the toughest brake dust without attacking the base for heavily soiled wheels.

For use in FOAM CANNON – Fill reservoir 3/4 with water, add 2 – 4oz (60 – 120 ml) wheel cleaning concentrate from bottle, Shake well and spray the mega thick Foam on wheels.

For Tyre cleaning – grab your tyre brush and scrub sidewall and rinse away. You will see it working and turning foam brown means it indicates it is removing the tire dressing and grime.

For Pump up Foamers – Dilute the concentrated product for under mentioned desired concentration in separate containers to make ready to use solution.

Light concentration – mix 30 ml to 1 litter water

Medium Concentration – Mix 60 ml to 1 litter water

Heavy Concentration – Mix 90 ml to 1 litter water


473 ml

2 reviews for Professional Wheel Cleaning Foam

  1. Raj

    I’m a fan of Auto Fanatic foam wheel cleaning, I like it very much moreover it is very effective in cleaning brake dust and etc and I recommend it to all to use it.

  2. Vishal Sainath

    Very good in cleaning brakedust. Like other products doesnt give any foul smell. Very light agitation required.

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