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  • Instant Hydrophobic Sio2 Sealant
  • Longer Lasting Protection
  • Intense Gloss Enhancer On Fanatically Prepared Paint
  • Easiest to use Sio2 Spray Sealant/ Detailer
  • Anti Static Keeps Car Cleaner Longer
  • Non Streaking, Non Greasy Formula
  • Invigorating Lemoncello scent
  • Ultimate Drying Aid After Each Wash
  • Can Be Used in Direct Sun and High Heat
  • Includes Professional Trigger Sprayer
  • Made in USA with USA Bottles, Caps and Labeling.
  • New Soft Touch Bottle label design for 2021

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Limited Edition Product

This new exciting product is a revised formula of our popular Auto Fanatic 007 Gloss Enhancer. The new Auto Fanatic Hydro Gloss still offers the ease of use and versatility of 007 Gloss Enhancer now with increased silane polymers and Sio2 chemistry it will last longer and add even greater hydrophobic properties to your surfaces

Auto Fanatic HydroGloss is the ultimate way to quickly detail and add real Sio2 hydrophobic protection to your vehicle’s surfaces. It quickly and safely removes dust, fingerprints and bird droppings while enhancing gloss intensity. HydroGloss is a true synthetic Sio2 blend paint sealant that contains no wax or fillers and can be applied in direct sunlight without leaving residue, hazing or streaking. It is 100% safe for all exterior surfaces including rubber, plastic, glass and wheels. The new Sio2 crosslink formula immediately bonds to your paint to provide extreme gloss, UV protection and instant hydrophobic properties that will provide months of lasting protection. Works on matte, satin, vinyl wraps, single stage paint, clear coat, ceramic coatings, chrome and glass. Unique anti-static properties reduce airborne particles to be attracted to your cars finish keeping it looking cleaner longer in between washes. The extra level of Sio2 protection will make your regular maintenance washes quicker, safer and easier.

Auto Fanatic Ltd

“Passionately Curated Professional Car Care”


How to Apply:

Exterior Detail: Blast your exterior to any level of intensity you desire. Follow up with a soft clean microfiber towel.

Ceramic Coatings: Give your ceramic coating a “Boost” and bring back the gloss and hydrophobic properties instantly. Spray each panel liberally and dry with a high quality microfiber towel.

Drying: Spray each panel while the car is wet and follow up with your favorite drying towel. This will reduce any chance of dry induced scratching and boost that show winning shine.

Interior: Dilute with water 50:50 and apply to all interior plastics and trim for the ultimate quick interior detailer.

Lubricant: Clay Bar & Color Sanding use full strength.

Paint Correction: Spray a single mist on your foam or microfiber correcting pads to reduce surface tension.

Precautions: May be harmful if swallowed Avoid contact with eyes and skin. First Aid for Eyes: Immediately Rinse with water for 20 minutes. Call physician immediately. Skin: rinse thoroughly with water. If irritation persists call a physician. If Swallowed: Drink plenty of water and call a physician. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS



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473 ml

1 review for Hydro Gloss

  1. Girish Venkatesh (verified owner)

    Fantastic product and results for something that’s so easy and quick to apply! Very easy to level, there’s no streaking, has a lovely fragrance to it as well which is a bonus for people who detail their cars themselves.
    Overall value for money product, a little goes a long way and leaves the paint surface slick, glossy and hydrophobic.

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