007 Snow Storm Car Shampoo

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  • pH Neutral to retain existing ceramic coatings, waxes and sealants
  • Ultimate touchless Maintenance wash car Shampoo
  • 100 % Safe for Ceramic coated cars
  • No added Scent and colour
  • Amazing Inhibit self-cleaning properties which gently lifts and removes dirt
  • Produces rich thick foam when used in foam cannon
  • Best for 2 bucket wash method
  • Contains High lubrication which reduces swirl marks during washing
  • Intense Gloss & Instant Hydrophobic Water Beading
  • No water Spots after each wash

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The Auto Fanatic 007 Snow Storm is designed to safely and gently loosen and soften contaminants such as dust, dirt & pollen and safely bring them to the ground with its ultra thick dual stage foaming process.

Auto Fanatic 007 Snow Storm is designed to be used in a foam cannon, foam gun and in your conventional wash bucket methods. The soap offers exceptional yield and highest lubricity to create a safer wash experience while adding intense shine and instant hydrophobic water shedding properties thanks to our exclusive blend of 007 Gloss Enhancer polymers.

No added colours and scents to this product to make it more environmentally safe. Dyes and scents can cause adverse allergic reactions, stickiness and attract more bugs and pollen so we listened and delivered a safer cleaning solution.

Foam Cannon : Dilute up to 4 oz. in your foam cannon of choice to get rich, thick shaving cream like foam. Foam output is dependent on water, GPM of your pressure washer and your foam cannon itself. You can adjust foam intensity by adding or reducing water or soap in your reservoir. ALWAYS REMEMBER TO SHAKE YOUR FOAM CANNON BEFORE USE!

Buckets: Add 2 oz. of Auto Fanatic 007 Snowstorm and a strong stream of water to produce rich thick suds for your wash mitts and cleaning brushes.

Foam: Foam your car or truck always with paint cool to touch.

Do not allow product to dry on surface in direct sun.

Foam the surface starting at the top and overlap each panel towards the lower body. Let dwell up to 4-5 min, Rinse or proceed to your contact wash and admire the results of the best wash and shine snow foam.


473 ml

1 review for 007 Snow Storm Car Shampoo

  1. Vishal Sainath

    High quality thick foam. Wait for 5 min after you foam to remove all the dirt and grime. Good gloss

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