007 Gloss Enhancer

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  • Intense Gloss Enhancing Spray Sealant and Quick Detailer
  • Safe for all Ceramic Coatings, PPF, Matte and Satin Finishes, Vinyl wraps
  • Instant Hydrophobic water beading and sheeting properties for maximum and instant protection
  • Can be applied in direct sunlight on painted surface, glass, Plastic, Wheels with ZERO Streaks

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Auto Fanatic 007 Gloss Enhancer is the ultimate way to quickly detail and add real hydrophobic protection to your cars surface. It quickly and safely removes dust, fingerprints and bird droppings while enhancing gloss intensity.

Our 007 Gloss Enhancer contains no wax or fillers and can be applied in direct sunlight without leaving residue, hazing or streaking, especially on glass. It is 100% safe for all exterior surfaces including Rubber, Plastic, Glass, Chrome and wheels, matte coloured surface, Satin paint, Vinyl wraps, clear coat, ceramic coated surface.

The unique crosslink polymer base immediately bonds to your paint and glass to provide extreme gloss, UV protection and hydrophobic properties.

The 007 gloss enhancers unique synthetic formula is anti-static and reduces the chance of airborne particles to be attracted to your cars finish and keeping it looking cleaner longer in between washes.

007 Gloss Enhancer increases the hydrophobic properties of your cars finish that you will notice immediately as the water beads and repels right off the surface. The extra level of protection will make your regular maintenance washes quicker, safer and easier.

Spray it on your glass and see how much better your clarity.

How to Use –

For Instant Gloss – Spray to any level of intensity you desire and wipe off with clean microfiber cloth.

Drying Aid – Spray on your just washed wet car and dry with clean drying towel. Which will reduced chances of scratches and water spots too.

Use as Clay Lubricant – Spray liberally on surface of 2 X 2 area and use high quality clay bar for best results. Its high lubrication reduces chances of marring by clay bar.

Use as Interior detailer – Take a separate bottle and Mix the product with water in 50 – 50 ratio. Shake well and spray on microfibre and clean and protect the interior dashboard and other plastic material at a same time.



473 ml

2 reviews for 007 Gloss Enhancer

  1. Vishal Sainath

    Awesome product. Highly recommended to use it on your car. Get your car gloss to the next level.

  2. Rahul Sharma (verified owner)

    It really provide Excellent shine and gloss to the surface same as like new vehicle in showrooom.
    Awesome product to keep your car and bike new for last long.

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