Most of us, wash the car to make car look good. Have we ever cleaned chrome ?  Most probably never because we simply wash by water make it clean and shine. 

But this is not the case.  Over a period of time, oxidation, dirt and dust build up on chrome too which diminishes its shine and makes it look dull, non shiny. Even Simple regular maintenance can avoid these things and one can keep chrome to look in brand new finish.

Its very easy. To achieve best results you need only good product like Auto Fanatic Secret Weapon or Chemical Guys Light Metal Polish and microfibre cloth.

Take a 2-3 drops of product on microfibre and gently rub it on chrome part. You will notice black or brown residue on chrome. Wipe with clean microfiber. That’s it.  You will notice a considerable change in shine from dull to brilliant shine. 

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