In India, we commonly call Tyre Dressing as tyre polish. It is being used to make tyre look good which can match with clean car. It is an icing on the cake.

After car servicing, workshop men use to brush the tyre with liquid and tyre looks shiny. It gives car owner satisfactory feel that his car  tyre is cleaned. Whereas in reality it is not a good sign of car care.  Lets make few things clear.

Tyre dressing are of two types – oil based and water based.  Both have pros and cons.  Both the dressing are being applied by sponge.

(a)       Oil based dressing – It contains silicon mixed with some oils.  Its application makes tyre look shiny and its durable too. However, its downside is, after some time it sling to lower part of car doors.  That sticked black particals or oily spots are difficult to remove and requires special liquids / products.

(b)       Water based dressing – In this product few chemical compounds are mixed with water.  Its application do not give tyre a very shiny look rather it gives a tyre a very crisp matt finish OEM look. It is water based hence get easily absorbed in tyre and as a result it do not sling.  Downside is that it is not durable. In normal condition max 3-4 day which is further depend on terrain and weather condition.

My opinion – I like to give a tyre its original matt finish look so I prefer to use water based dressing.

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