1. The heady aroma of fuel gives you a high:
You aren’t called petrol heads for no reason.

2. You go to great lengths to drive a super-car:
Super cars are your dream! You would give anything to drive the new Ford GT, won’t you?

3. You name your brand-new car like it’s your baby:
Car? Who said it’s a vehicle? It’s your baby. And which baby is nameless! So, what will the new red one be called? Fireball or Lolita?

4. You are loyal to a make:
Now, let’s get this straight. European makers make the best cars. Or was it the Americans? No? The Japanese. We know this will spark a healthy debate amongst you and your friends.

5. You clean and shine your car till she squeaks:
Your car is your representative. You don’t want to leave a bad impression, do you? Whether you have a Porsche or a Honda, you shampoo the car and spray instant gloss spray on every surface of it religiously with Auto Fanatic’s 007 Snow Storm car Shampoo and 007 Gloss Enhancer.

6. Manual over Automatic. Always:
Automatic transmission is for lazy noobs. A true car enthusiast is stoked by the control that a manual gear box gives. You know what it feels like to be in tune with the pulse of the car and actively engage it move your way. You wouldn’t have it any other way.

7. There is soft corner in your heart for vintage cars:
No matter how sleek and shiny contemporary models of cars you might see, you know that nothing beats the suavity and grandeur of the vintage and classics. And when Sean Connery steps out of his Aston-Martin DB5 in the James Bond flick, Goldfinger, you can’t help but imagine yourself in his place.

8. Fast and Furious is your favourite movie:
The Transporter is a close second. No movie is bad if it has a thrilling car chase scene. The edge of the seat action and near misses set your heart racing to the sped of the car.

9. Spare time means time with your car over any person:
On a holiday, you would rather take your beloved ride for a spin. If anyone wants to hang out with you, it will have to be a long drive and nothing else. And if you don’t feel like stepping out, you can spend hours tending to your car and shining her up for the next adventure

10. If anyone scratches your car, they will never be forgiven:
No one dare touch your car. The easiest way to get on your bad side is by denting or scratching your car. Although you have Auto Fanatic’s Secret Weapon Single Step solution to remove scratches & swirl marks, we know, even the thought of it hurts.

11. You can never say goodbye without a tear in your eye:
It’s worse than a break up. It feels like when you were a child and your best friend moved to another country and you knew you will never see them again. You may portray a tough exterior, but you will go to your room and bawl you eyes out that night.

But fret not, you will find another best friend soon, and we will help you keep her looking brand new always with our products!

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